Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Baking Videos

Here are two videos I took while Claire was making the Christmas cookies on Sunday.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Cookies for Santa

This year, we decided to make cutout sugar cookies for Santa. Claire was so excited to help out. We cleared everything off the kitchen island and used it as our cookie making surface. Claire even has her own pink rolling pin that Nana got her for Christmas last year. Daddy really got into the cookie making and even let me put an apron on him. Claire finally let me put my Grandma's old Christmas cookie apron on her too. They both looked so cute, and everyone loved getting covered in flour and eventually icing! Even Aunt Hannah came over and joined in on the fun. Santa's going to have some yummy cookies at our house this year.

Daddy and Claire rolling out the dough

Claire and her cute rolling pin

Claire in my Grandma's apron

Daddy in his "candy cane" apron

Aunt Hannah and Claire decorating cookies

Monday, December 15, 2008

Carter is Two Months

Carter Man, as we affectionatly call him, turned two months yesterday. He is such a big boy - at least 12 pounds, but we'll know for sure after his well visit on Friday. He LOVES to smile all the time, and appears to be as ticklish as I am. He's slowly figuring out his sleeping patterns during the night, and I am praying that he starts sleeping through the night as quickly as Claire did (she was 3 months). He's in his crib, and we find that we are sleeping much better now. He enjoys laying on the floor and watching big sister play and being carried facing forward so he can see the world. I absolutely love having a boy, and can't wait to see what the next few months bring! Here are some pictures I took on his two month birthday yesterday.

Picture Tag

I know that nobody is going to believe me when I put this picture up. How is it possible that the BEST picture of Claire that's ever been taken ends up being the fourth picture in the fourth folder. I promise I did not cheat!

Derek took this picture on Claire's first day of school. I was so surprised that she cooperated and that he was able to get such a great shot of her. I can't believe how quickly my little girl has grown up. To think that just two years ago I was giving birth to my beautiful girl, and now I have another baby and my little girl is off to school. The way time passes just boggles the mind, but I can't wait to see what the future holds!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Pictures with Santa...almost

Friday was my first trip to the mall with both kids. Exciting and scary at the same time, but made much easier by having Heather and her mom there to help. I was prepping Claire for Santa all week - praciticing what she was going to ask Santa for, looking at pictures of Santa and just talking about him as much as possible. I knew Parker would cooperate on Santa's lap, so I made sure Heather sent him up there before Claire. I forgot that Peyton would most likely cry though. Claire saw Peyton get upset, and it was all downhill from there. I don't think Claire would have been happy either way. She's not really into strange old men. I decided that it wasn't worth the torture and opted to get a pic of Carter with Santa sans Claire. I think it turned out pretty cute. The Santa at Willow Bend is always so nice looking. The rest of the day went as expected - the kids had a blast in the play area, feasted on Chick-fil-a and icecream, and got restless with the shopping. All in all we had a great time!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tag...You're It!

Since Carter and Claire have now officially been tagged by not one but two friends (thanks Mel and Heather), I have to do this survey for the kids. I have to admit...it is kind of fun!

8 Things About Claire

8 of my favorite things:
1. Teddy Bear lovie (the rest of the lovies no longer matter)
2. Monkey (a.k.a. Monk)
3. Books & Puzzles
4. Laundry & Cooking
5. Chocolate Milk & Macaroni and Cheese (a.k.a. Ronis)
6. School - especially Saku and Caroline
7. Minnie Mouse
8. Singing

8 things that happened today:
1. Went to school
2. Had my first practice for the Christmas program
3. Peed in the potty!
4. Helped Mommy stamp and mail Carter's birth announcements
5. Helped Mommy wrap birthday presents for my friends
6. Sang ALL the words to the Backyardigans theme song
7. Helped Mommy give Carter a bath
8. Went for a bike ride (but not for long...it was so cold!)

8 things I am looking forward to:
1. Meeting Santa
2. Playing at the play area at Willow Bend tomorrow
3. Spending the night with Nana and Dooj this weekend
4. Making special cookies for Santa
5. My school Christmas program
6. My playgroup Christmas party
7. Josh's Mickey Mouse birthday party
8. Visiting Pops in Austin

8 Things About Carter

8 of my favorite things:
1. My big sister Claire
2. My swing (thanks Aunt Heather!)
3. Bath time
4. Christmas lights
5. My bottle
6. Sleeping in my carseat
7. Long talks with Mommy
8. Sleeping

8 things that happened today:
1. Went to the holiday market - slept
2. First visit to the post office - slept
3. Helped Mommy take things to the resale shop - grunted in my carseat
4. Dropped off donations at CCA - slept
5. Picked Claire up from school - awake and ready to eat
6. Bath time with Mommy and Claire
7. Layed on the floor with Mommy while she addressed envelopes for my birth announcements
8. Slept in my crib for the first time

8 things I am looking forward to:
1. Crawling
2. Walking
3. Laughing
4. Talking
5. Christmas
6. Sleeping at the mall tomorrow
7. Spending time with Nana and Dooj this weekend
8. My next bottle

Monday, December 1, 2008

It's always fun to decorate when you are in a new house to see how all your decorations work and where they will go. Here are some pictures of how our new house turned out this year. I was especially excited to decorate the banister and the dining room this year. There will be more pics of outside when it gets dark tonight.

The nativity set we got on our honeymoon.

The dining room mirror.

The mantel...Carter's stocking hasn't arrived in the mail yet.

Entryway table...I need another snowman baby. The tree is our new advent calendar where Claire found all the chocolates.

Our banister.

Our new Christmas tree. It actually looks a lot like a real tree.