Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yay for Wall Decals!

After the kids went down for their naps today, I got to work decorating Carter's cranial band. I bought a wall decal pack from Target. I think it turned out pretty cute...what do you think? I am probably going to order some more, slightly nicer wall decals and try another design in a few weeks. I think it will be fun to change it up every once in a while.

Define: Brachycephaly

Brachycephaly refers to the condition where the head is disproportionately wide. Brachycephaly can result from the premature fusion of the coronal sutures or from external deformation (most commonly prolonged lying on the back -- a positional deformity). The head flattens uniformly, causing a much wider and shorter head. Increased head height is also common in children with brachycephaly.

For those of you who don't know, Carter was diagnosed with Brachycephaly at his two month appointment with his pediatrician. The flattening of the back of his skull (especially on the right side) is attributed to the five days he spent in the hospital with RSV at five weeks old. It certainly makes sense since I remember that he did not want to be held but wanted to lay on his back with his head turned to the right the entire time other than feedings. However, the pediatrician advised us to wait until his four month appointment before taking action (ie. getting a cranial band) because there was still a chance that his skull would correct itself.

At his four month appointment, it became clear that two months of straight tummy time and barely any time on his back had not changed the shape of his skull. Our pediatrician wrote a prescription for us to visit Star Cranial Center in Addison. After taking computer images of Carter's head, the center advised us to go ahead with a cranial band as well.

After much waiting (appointments are hard to come by) and a lot of red tape from the insurance company, we finally received his band today. I decided to go with blue so I can decorate it myself. So far, he only fusses when I am taking it off and putting it on again. Once it's on, he doesn't even notice that it's there. He's such a little trooper. By the end of this week, he will be wearing the band 23 hours per day. Yes, this includes naps and sleeping. He will most likely only have it off during bath time or if we go swimming. We're not sure how long he will have to wear the band as it all depends on how quickly he grows. The band doesn't physically shift the plates in his skull, but gives the skull more space or less space to grow in specific directions. It seems like four months is a pretty average length of time. However, Carter's brachycephaly is pretty mild, so you never know. Here are some pics of my little guy in his new head gear...

Doesn't the blue really compliment his eyes?!

From the back...

From the side...

Such a happy boy!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Videos from Claire's School Program

The Last Day of the First Year

I can't believe my baby finished her first year of school yesterday. It was so sad and exciting. I can't believe how fast she's growing up. Her school capped off the year with a wonderful program of graduation for the pre-K kids and singing and dancing from all the classes. The program was beach/summer themed, and Claire's classed danced with tie-dyed scarves to the song Wipe Out. Claire was doing all the dance moves. She was one of the only kids in the toddler group (the youngest class) that actually performed the dance moves and sang the words to the final song. She actually started singing this cute song at home, and I thought I would share the words with you...

"God made me, and I see that God made me to be a special me. There's no one just like me cause God made me to be a special me."

Isn't that the sweetest song?! The next post will be a video of her performance, but here are some pictures first...

Claire doing her best surf moves

Claire rockin' the upside down sunglasses

Claire waving her scarf with her class

Little Surprises Around Every Corner...

I wish all toys were labeled properly. If I had known there was a page of stickers hidden in this My Little Pony coloring book, I probably wouldn't have bought and I most certainly wouldn't have let Claire have it without supervision. This is what happened on our way to the grocery store the other day...

She was covered in stickers and insisted on wearing them into the store.

Happy 30th Birthday Derek!

Derek doesn't like a big "to do" about his birthday or anyone's birthday for that matter, but how could I ignore his 30th?! We kicked off the weekend with a trip to one of our favorite restaurants, Kenny's Wood Fired Grill. As usual, the food was awesome. I took along cards from me and the kids and a small gift bag. Little did he know how big the present inside was. I decided to get Derek a MacBook Pro laptop for his birthday. I knew it was something he would freak out over, and would absolutely love. Making it happen was a whole other story. Let's just say it took several failed attempts to make the purchase, and when it finally happened for me, it wasn't arriving until after our date night out. I now had to come up with an exciting way to give him his present without actually having the laptop. I knew the laptop wasn't the only thing Derek would be happy with for his 30th birthday, so I went online and printed out pics/info of a bunch of things that could be his possible present. I made him open each envelope, and each time he thought, "Either this is it, or she's getting me all of these. Which would be crazy...and expensive!" He just kept racking his brain the whole time. Each paper had a sticky note that said "lift here," and underneath them it said things like "yeah right, this isn't your present." Finally, he got to a wrapped box, and opened the paper with the pics of the laptop. Underneath the final sticky note it said, "Happy Birthday! Seriously! I'm not kidding!" He was so excited. It actually ended up working out really well because his laptop showed up at our house on his actual birthday! So, it seems like he had the perfect birthday - night out at one of his favorite restaurants with his favorite person and he got his ideal birthday present - but I wasn't done yet. The next day was Saturday, and Derek got to hang out with his dad all day - they played a round of golf, ate lunch, went to the movies, etc. When he finally got home that evening, all of his buddies were here for a surprise, all dudes poker party. Dustin (Derek's brother) helped me set up his ideal mini poker tournament with all of his friends. I disappeared to the inlaws with the kiddos and left the guys to have the ultimate guys' night. So as you can see, Derek had a great 30th birthday! Happy birthday honey. Thanks for being the best husband, friend and daddy we could ever ask for!

The first envelope...

According to Derek, a "badass" office chair from IKEA...

The new Rockband game with all the instruments...

The new Amazon Kindle...

What could be next?...

A GPS for his car because he is soooo directionally challenged...

A treadmill with a built-in TV and iPod dock...

Opening the final gift...

It's a brand new laptop!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Carter Learns to Splash

Now that Carter's sitting up, I put him on the other side of his baby tub. Of course as soon as I did, he started splashing like crazy. Needless to say, we have moved his baby tub into the big bathtub now! Hope you enjoy this new video of our little guy splashing and talking. Oh, and there might be a little shot of Margot in here too :-)

New Easter Pics

The club's photographer took these two pics and just sent them out.

Easter in Austin

This Easter we went back to Austin to visit with Pops and enjoy the wonderful festivities at the golf club. They put on a wondeful show as usual - petting zoo, miniature horse rides and a magnificent egg hunt. We spent Easter Sunday enjoying a brunch at the clubhouse, then we changed clothes and headed out for a tour of the golf course. Pops got Claire her own set of clubs for Easter, and she enjoyed trying them out on the real golf holes.

Ok, Don't Kill Me

I have no excuses. I could blame it on traveling for Easter and weddings. I could blame it on Swine Flu and our school district being closed (quarantining a 2 1/2 year old and a 6 month old is NOT fun for Mom). In all reality, I just don't have anything to blame. I've just been a super bad blogger lately. So much has happened since Parker's birthday!

Carter Update:
Carter had his six month appointment. He was in the 75th percentile for height and weight and his head circumfrance was in the 90th percentile (go figure - he has no chance with his Crabtree genes). He's sitting up beautifully, has two bottom teeth, eats solids like a champ, sleeps through the night, says "dada," "mama," "gaga," and "nana" and loves to laugh. He gets his star cranial band on May 27. His head will eventually be nice and round making it easier for him to breath. He has enough hair for trendy faux-hawks. Since his doctor's appointment one month ago, I recently weighed him. Our future football player has now reached the 20 pound mark and is moving into 12 month clothes.

Claire Update:
Claire is completely pottytrained!!! I can't remember the last time we had an accident. She even wears panties to school now. She gets smarter every day - which can be quite testing at times. She enjoys finding out what she can get away with every day. She's great with her baby brother. Mostly loving but occassionaly a little aggressive. For the most part, she's well behaved. She loves school - especially music time, puzzles and reading. She just started her first real gymnastics class and says that her favorite part is doing "donkey kicks." It's also pretty difficult to get her off the trampoline. School gets out in two weeks and we start summer camp in June. She'll do four different sessions at her school and fill in the weeks off with camp where she takes her gymnastics classes.

Derek Update:
Derek turns 30 today! Happy Birthday honey! Derek's studying for the GMAT and planning to apply to MBA schools this year. He's looking forward to building on his career.

Margot & Bella Update:
Margot is almost house trained. She's sweet and playful and loves to run outside. She loves Bella, and Bella could care less. She enjoys teasing Bella with bones, and Bella enjoys stealing bones from Margot. For the most part, she's well behaved. We just need to work on her table manners. I've never had a big dog before, so I have to remember that she can reach things on the table.

Hope you enjoyed my updates. I will now post pics from Easter and a video of Carter int he bathtub. I promise to start posting again regularly!