Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Parker "Peanut" Allen!

A picture of Claire and Parker from about one year ago...they grow up so fast!

Today is my best friend Heather's little boy's fourth birthday! I can remember so much about "Peanut", some of it from before he was even born. Here are some of my favorite memories...

Derek and I were some of the first people that found out that your mommy and daddy were pregnant with you.

Nobody believed your mommy and daddy when they called from the hospital when she was in labor with you because we all thought they were playing an April Fool's joke on us. After you arrived, there was no doubting you were a little boy from the second you entered the world.

You were so ticklish from the very start. You laugh just as hard now as you did when you were 6 months old.

You LOVED your swing so much, your mommy would put you in it right up until your baby sister was born. I laughed so hard to see your little legs hanging way over the front of the swing, but it always seemed to put you to sleep eventually.

You came to visit me in the hospital with your mommy after Claire was born. I swear you pushed every button in that hospital room. Your curiosity hasn't dimmed a bit.

You were so sweet when your baby sister came home from the hospital. Even though she drives you crazy sometimes, you still love on her when we least expect it. I know you will be her protector forever.

I remember when you first started pretending. You went fishing and caught me a huge fish! Your imagination still amazes me. Whether you're fixing my car or taking me on a secret "gun" mission you never cease to surprise me.

I love how excited you get when you know that Claire, Carter and I are coming over for a visit. I love that you miss me when you think I've left but I'm really just following your mommy in my own car. I love you when you're happy. I love you when you're sad. I love you when you're angry. You always make me laugh.

I can't believe you turned four years old today. I am looking forward to many more years as your Aunt Annie, and I can't wait to see what you do next! Hope you enjoy this birthday message. Here's a little video message from Claire.