Sunday, June 7, 2009

We're Ready for Pool Season

As the weather in Texas starts to warm up, we begin to get the pool itch. I love the feeling of jumping into a cool pool on a 100 degree day, especially after chasing two kids around all the time. Well for Claire, once a week simply isn't enough. She wants to get the blow-up pool out in the backyard every day. She even puts her floaties on over her clothes just to try to convince me to get us in our suits and outside. Here are some pics of Claire in her swimming attire. I also took one of Carter in the baby pool for the first time.

Claire in her "ballerina" pose

Matching goggles...check

Getting anxious


Carter enjoying his first dip


Melody said...

So cute!!! I love Carter's hat and Claire's goggles!

Ashley said...

Landon is the same way! I swear...he wakes up, goes potty, and immediately puts on his swimsuit and is ready to go swimming everyday! Yall need to come over and swim with us!!!

Erin said...

That is hysterical! So reminds me of Kendall when it comes to the pool!